isolation stretcher/ Isoliertrage IsoArk N36

Die Isoliertrage IsoArk, das Transportsystem für Infektionspatienten. Die innovative Technik für sicheren Kontaminationsschutz in allen inner- und außerklinischen Transportsituationen. 

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English information:

The isolation stretcher IsoArk, the transport system for infected patients. The innovative technology for safe protection against contamination in all hospital environments and transport situations outside the hospital.

More information:

+ fast and easy installation

  • ready for use within minutes

  • secure fixing with wheeled stretcher belts for patients (DIN EN 1789)

  • optional: additional buckles (clean/unclean separation)


+ easy and hygenic cleaning

  • easy to clean and disinfect optimized surfaces

  • disposable products such as gloves can be replaced quickly


+ adjustable table

  • upper body inclination up to 30°

  • position for abdominal load reduction

  • emergency shock position


+ reliable and military tested technology

  • strong high-pressure/low-pressure filter system with HEPA particle filter and 36 cubic meter output per hour, filter performance 99.9995% – suitable for risk group 4

  • independent operation up to 8 hours via integrated accumulator


+ smooth patient care

  • symmetrically positioned hand holes with airproof protection gloves

  • flexible postioning of magnet holders to keep cables and tubes in order

  • integrated gate to introduce medical devices into the chamber

  • openings for tubes, lead cables, infusion bottles, etc.


+ flexible use

  • adapted to almost all hospital transport systems

  • for emergency medicine purposes, i.e. with Stryker M1 wheeled stretcher

  • suitable for air transport (special editions with differently positioned filters, etc.)

  • two types of chamber bottoms: with belt holes for the use of stretcher belts for patients (including buckles), with a proper system integrated into the chamber bottom


Fields of application:

Option 1: Low-pressure chamber to protect staff and environment against contamination

Option 2: High-pressure chamber to protect immunedeficient patients

The strong low-pressure/high-pressure filter circuit (-30 Pa/+30 Pa) provides maximum safety for staff, environment and patients.


Standard equipment:

Infection protection chamber, rack, air inlet HEPA filter, particle filter AF 36 (H 14 in accordance with EN 1822), connection tube, 230 V fan with accumulator and holder, bag, basic equipment with consumable products, user’s manual and CE for medical product.


Technical data:

Height/width/length approx. 600 mm/520mm/1,980 mm (special dimensions available) - weight: approx. 29 kg, including filter/pump


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